The 11th Chinese Documentary Festival 2018

The 11th Chinese Documentary Festival  |  1/10 - 11/11

The 11th Chinese Documentary Festival organized by Visible Record showcases 12 films in the Features and Shorts Competition as well as several non-Chinese films from Poland, Iran and Cambodia which are premiering in Hong Kong. The special programme of the Festival - "Light & Shadow" - is themed around the plight of the "Comfort Women" and "Palestine". Hong Kong audiences will have the chance to know more about these two topics from the nine featured films from Taiwan, China, Korea, Canada, Israel and Palestine.

The Shorts category features four films from Taiwan, one from China and one from Hong Kong. They include: Funeral Video, where an elderly man prepares a life-in-review film for his own funeral; Border, a story about the urban villages in Shenzhen; Areca and a pair of Areca-selling sisters; Echo in the Valley, a film about the Taiwanese aborigines' love of music; Confronts, in which the mother of a Taiwan Colour Play victim tries to seek justice and The Girl, the story about one girl's dream to do street dance.

There are also four feature films from Taiwan and two from China. They include: Father, the story of the father-and-son relationship of puppet master Li Tien-lu; The Family in Sinkhole showing the cross-generation conflict caused by tourism in small Yunnan village; The Shepherds and the Christian advocacy for equal rights of the LGBT community; LOVE Talk takes a deep into marital relationships; Adios! Madrid about a mother and daughter who are Flamenco dancers and Weaving, a story about the demolition of the staff quarters of an old national enterprise in China.

Featured Directors
The 12 directors of these short-listed films will join the Festival this year. For veteran directors such as LOVE Talk's Shen Ko-shang and Weaving's Wang Yang, they are no strangers to the Festival. There are also new directors such as Ma Lin, Li Qian, Cherry Huang and Yao Zubiao from China and Wu Wen-rui, Chu Fang-I, Zoe Kang, Catherine Wu and Elvis Lu from Taiwan. Competition is fierce and the results will be announced at the Festival Awards Ceremony on October 19.

Aside from the films in the Competition category, there is also a compelling line up of local and international works.

Hong Kong Selection
Hong Kong Selection will present several films that vary greatly in style and topic but all promising audiences a uniquely local flair. They include I've Got the Blues, a film about the director and her subject, artist Yank Wong; Franco Mella, a record of the Italian Father who has devoted himself in helping the grassroots; Light Up, an uplifting story about a group of physically disabled stage performers and Cheung Chau Diary 2017, a compilation of 7 graduation projects of young filmmakers of the Master Class Training Camp last year.

International Selection
Three documentaries from Poland, Iran and Cambodia will premiere in Hong Kong. They are short-listed titles from the Netherlands' IFDA and Canada' s hotDOCS film festivals. The Ugliest Car is a road film about an elderly mother and son; Pale Blue looks at life in a mental institution in Iran; A Cambodian Spring is a story of civil resistance against the collusion between government and business.

Venerable Luon Sovath, the protagonist from A Cambodian Spring who led the villagers in their equal rights movement, will share with Hong Kong audiences the situation in Cambodia at the film's post-screening discussion.

Light & Shadow
This year's Special Programme is "Light & Shadow", featuring five films about the plight of Comfort Women and four about Palestinians.

The Comfort Women Feature includes Twenty Two which made RMB170 million in the box office, The Apology from Canada, Taipei's Golden Horse Best Documentary award winner A Secret Buried for 50 Years: The Story of Taiwanese "Comfort Women", Song of the Reed and the Korean animated film The Unfinished Story. These works explore the history of Comfort Women from different perspectives using different story-telling techniques.

Spotlight on Palestine features Naila and the Uprising, 5 Broken Cameras, Ghost Hunting and Checkpoint which all depict the oppression and resistance of the Palestinian people. These outstanding works are contestants and award winners at the Oscars, the Netherland's IFDA, the US' Sundance Film Festival and various Festivals.

The two directors from the Comfort Women Feature, Taiwan's Wu Hsiu-ching and Canada's Tiffany Hsiung will meet the audience at the post-screening talks. The director of 5 Broken Cameras Emad Burnat and the protagonist of Ghost Hunting Raed Khattab will also attend the post-screening talks and Festival seminar to share their stories.

Apart from the screenings, there will be four themed seminars hosted by documentary producers and experts, to better engage with the audience outside of a theatre setting.


Stories from Shenzhen's urban village: A butcher, a young courier and a little girl struggling at school, all grappling with their own problems.

The director's grand-uncle wanted to make a 'life-in-review' film to be played at his funeral. In the process the director got to know his grand-uncle better.

The Tsao sisters started selling areca when they were still at school. They managed to make a living, short of becoming a "tease" in order to attract more customers.

A fan of K pop and dance, 16-year old Ka Lam hopes to "dance" her way out of Cheung Chau one day.

Taiwan's aborigines worked in the national forest in the 1960s for a living. They found solace for their tired bodies and soul in what was known as the 'Forest Song'.

The mother of a victim from Taiwan's Water Park explosion led other families on a quest for an apology from the government.

The "development" of a unique village sparks conflicts between two generations.

Mother and daughter flamenco dancers share a fiery temperament, a passion for art and the spotlight as they dance on stage together.

The film is the story of a Hong Kong pastor from a Taipei gay church, a gay pastor and a female Christian fighting for LGBT equal rights.

Eight couples talk about their marital conflicts in front of the camera. Their honesty helped them understand one another better.

Being the eldest son of a puppet master, Chen forever lives in the shadow of his famous father.

It is the end of era for Xi'an's "textile city", with workers aging and staff quarters waiting to be demolished.

A fierce battle between two strong-willed artists and a debate on the meaning of "documentary".

Father Franco Mella has always believed in helping the most disadvantaged in society with his leftist convictions. His three passions are his ministry, singing and soccer.

A compilation of seven short films about Cheung Chau.

Four members of the Hand in Hand Capable Theatre undergo training and eventually go under the spotlight on stage.

Villagers near Phnom Penh fight to protect their homes from being destroyed by big corporates.

An in-depth and precise study of life in a psychiatric hospital in Tehran.

A 70-year-old son, with his 90-year-old mother, drives an old car to visit his parents' past.

This painful chapter in history is about to disappear, as old age befalls the only twenty-two surviving comfort women from China.

A Korean animated film narrating the history of the forced recruitment of comfort women.

Taiwan's comfort women find absolution in revealing their unspeakable past to their families in front of the camera.

Three comfort women from China, Korea and the Philippines demand an official apology from Japan. Sadly, some of them passed away before they saw accomplished their mission.

Through psychotherapy, six grand-mothers tried to heal their wounds from the trauma of once being comfort women.

Once a student activist leader, Naila is the witness of a 40-year journey to national sovereignty.

The director and a group of Palestinians re-enacted a military detention centre in order to address what has been haunting them from the past.

Even though he has been attacked by the military with his camera smashed many times, the Palestinian photojournalist remained stoically true to his profession.

The Israeli director calmly captures the absurdities and injustices at the checkpoint of the Israeli-Palestinian border.

Screening Schedule

Date Time Venue Film
1/10 (Mon) 2:30 pm SP Cheung Chau Diary 2017* 
2/10 (Tue) 7:30 pm AC A Cambodian Spring* 
3/10 (Wed) 7:30 pm AC Pale Blue*
4/10 (Thur) 7:30 pm AC The Ugliest Car
5/10 (Fri) 7:30 pm SM Light Up*
  7:30 pm SP Adios! Madrid
6/10 (Sat) 7:30 pm SP The Family in Sinkhole
10/10 (Wed) 7:30 pm AC I've Got the Blues*
12/10 (Fri) 7:30 pm SP Areca + Confronts + Echo in the Valley
  7:35 pm MM A Cambodian Spring
13/10 (Sat) 1:35 pm MM The Shepherds
14/10 (Sun) 7:30 pm SP Franco Mella*
15/10 (Mon) 7:55 pm MM Father
  9:45 pm MM The Girl + Funeral Video + Border
17/10 (Wed) 2:30 pm SP Weaving
  2:30 pm SM LOVE Talk*
  4:30 pm SM Adios! Madrid*
  7:30 pm   The Family in Sinkhole*
18/10 (Thur) 7:40 pm MM The Girl* + Funeral Video* + Border*
  9:50 pm MM LOVE Talk*
19/10 (Fri) 7:45 pm MM Award Ceremony
  9:50 pm MM The Shepherds*
20/10 (Sat) 1:20 pm MM Father*
  3:30 pm MM LOVE Talk*
  7:30 pm SP Areca* + Confronts* + Echo in the Valley*
21/10 (Sun) 1:50 pm MM Weaving*
23/10 (Tue) 7:30 pm AC The Ugliest Car
24/10 (Wed) 7:30 pm AC Pale Blue

*Q&A session with the director or guest

Special Programme: Light & Shadow

Date Time Venue Film
22/10 (Mon) 7:40 pm MM Twenty Two 
24/10 (Wed) 8:00 pm MM 5 Broken Cameras 
25/10 (Thu) 8:15 pm MM Song of the Reed
26/10 (Fri) 7:35 pm MM The Apology* 
  9:50 pm MM Ghost Hunting*
27/10 (Sat) 7:30 pm SP

The Unfinished Story + A Secret Buried for 50 Years: The Story of Taiwanese “Comfort Women"

28/10 (Sun) 5:35 pm MM Song of the Reed*
  7:25 pm MM Twenty Two*
  7:30 pm SP Checkpoint
29/10 (Mon) 8:00 pm MM 5 Broken Cameras*
31/10 (Wed) 8:15 pm MM Naila and the Uprising
1/11 (Thu) 7:50 pm MM The Apology
2/11 (Fri) 8:05 pm MM Ghost Hunting
  9:50 pm MM Checkpoint
3/11 (Sat) 7:30 pm SP The Unfinished Story + A Secret Buried for 50 Years: The Story of Taiwanese “Comfort Women"
11/11 (Sun) 7:30 pm SP Naila and the Uprising

*Q&A session with the director or guest



Hong Kong Arts Centre
Address: 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Directions: Exit at Exit C of Wan Chai MTR station and walk along the footbridge to Immigration Tower. Go straight to Harbour Road, turn left and walk for approximately one minute.

SP Hong Kong Space Museum
Address: 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Directions: Around 5-minute walk from Exit E, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.
SM Hong Kong Science Museum
Address: 2 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Directions: Around 18-minute walk along Cameron Road from Exit B2 of Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station towards the direction of Tsim Sha Tsui East.
MM MOViE MOViE Cityplaza
Address: 5/F Cityplaza, 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Hong Kong
Directions: Around 5-minute walk from Exit D2 of Tai Koo MTR Station.


Visible Record
Tel: 2540 7859

Ticketing Information

Tickets are available from 7 September.
Tickets for "Light & Shadow" programmes are available from 28 September.
Screenings at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Space Museum and Hong Kong Science Museum
Booking Counter: URBTIX Outlets
Tickets: $70 / $50*

* Full-time students, senior citizens and 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients

Screenings at MOViE MOViE Cityplaza
Booking Counter: Box Office of MOViE MOViE Cityplaza
Tickets: $85 / $60*
* Senior citizens aged 60 or above
** Full-time students and children aged 11 or below
Special Discount
Fleurs des Lettres subscribers: 20% discount for all screenings.
Please call or Whatsapp 9404 0778 for ticket reservation.

Visible Record
Tel: 2540 7859

Seminar Schedule

Date Time Venue Seminar Speakers
4/10 (Thu) 8:30 pm AC Trend in International Documentaries* 吳凡
20/10 (Sat) 7 pm ACO On Creative Path* 沈可尚、朱詩倩、陳安琪


Special Programme: Light & Shadow

Date Time Venue Seminar Speakers
27/10 (Sat) 3 pm FH Comfort Women* 吳秀菁、熊邦玲、張雙兵
28/10 (Sun) 3 pm CC The Plight of Palestine** Raed Khattab, Emad Burnat, Susanna Chui-yung Cheung

*The Seminar will be conducted in Cantonese and Mandarin
**The Seminar will be conducted in English

Free admission. Please reserve through email, phone or at

Venue Information

AC Hong Kong Arts Centre
Address: 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Directions: Exit at Exit C of Wan Chai MTR station and walk along the footbridge to Immigration Tower. Go straight to Harbour Road, turn left and walk for approximately one minute.
ACO Art and Culture Outreach
Address: 14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Directions: Exit B of Causeway Bay MTR station, opposite to Tin Lok Lane.
FH Full House Venue 3
Address: Unit 1101 & 1102, 11/F, 102 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Directions: About 5-minute walk from Exit D of Jordan MTR Station (besides Starbucks).
CC Hong Kong Cultural Centre
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Directions: East Tsim Sha Tsui station Exit L6 (Subway) or Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit E.

Visible Record
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