Taiwan Short Film Screenings

Date: 17-19/2/2017
Venue: Hong Kong Space Museum

Taiwan Short Film Screenings has shown nine outstanding drama short films from Taiwan. The screenings aimed to create a cultural bridge for exchange between Hong Kong and Taiwan, specifically to introduce Hong Kong audience to excellent Taiwan cinema. Visible Record hopes to inspire local young filmmakers to make films despite their environment. There were six screenings and two seminars in total. 

A fine leads to a series of events, exposing a shocking secret.

A little girl moves to Taipei as her home faces demolition.

A woman met a strange man when contemplating suicide.

A man decided to end his life in the mountain but found relief on the way.

Life is hard for mother and son who live in a small room, but they do not give up.

Grandmother exercises with grandson to climb the stairway to her husband's grave.

Two girls, one boy and a cup of ice-cream. Who does she love?

Everything in a beautiful life turns out to be a product placement in a mini film.

A hard working former inmate commited a serious crime to help a girl with polio.