Sun, Air and Water

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Chuang Chih-keng
2014 / 28 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

Primary Two student Ah Tian's and his mum have only each other in life. A simple school assignment to grow a beanstalk turns out to be a challenge as they live in a small room with insufficient light for the beanstalk to grow. The sun is blocked out by the luxurious building next door. The irony is that Ah Tian's mum stands under the sun each day, holding an advertisement cardboard for this luxurious building that put their home in the dark. How would Ah Tian finish his assignment?

Director's Profile
Chuang Chih-keng is a graduate student from the Department of Filmmaking, Taipei National University of Arts. His work, Sun, Air and Water, has been awarded in the Trans-Chinese Film Academy Festival.