Scripts Wanted


Scripts wanted

Any articles related art critique, new movies, new books etc. will all be accepted, yet Visible Record reserves the right to make the final decision of publishing.

1. The maximum word count is 1500 words. Please send your script as word files in traditional characters. Pictures are welcome too.

2. Scripts could be published with pen names, and please provide a sef-introduction of 30 words. Please also include your name, email address and phone number for communication.

3. Scripts would be published within 3 months. Visual Record reserves the final publishing rights.

4. There will be no return of scripts. If the author could not receive any acceptance notices in 3 months, they are free to use their scripts.

5. Scripts published by the panel must be original and based on logical discussions. If scripts are suspected of copyright violations or defamation, the authors have to take full responsibility.

6. There would not be remuneration for authors. Though after the scripts are published, Visual Record will offer 2 film tickets as commission.

7. Please send your scripts to