Jump Off or Live On

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Chen Yung-chi
2014 / 17 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Subtitles

A woman who just broke up with someone contemplated suicide on New Year's Eve, but as fate would have it, she met a strange elderly man who tried to talk her out of it by sharing his own story: despite being in debt, having murdered someone, his wife and children walking out on him, and being haunted by spirits, none of these made him want to kill himself. The woman believed in him half-heartedly and was rescued from her suicidal fate, just as the elderly man suddenly vanished, ending the story on a surprising twist.

Director's Profile
Chen Yung-chi graduated from the Department of Radio and Television, National Chengchi University. His work, Jump Off or Live On, has been nominated in Kaohsiung Film Festival and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.