The 11th Chinese Documentary Festival 2018

Award Winners



Funeral Video

Wu Wen-rui
Taiwan / 2017 / 18 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Sub

The director's grand uncle is an elderly with a passion in photography. One day, he asked the director to make him a "life in review" film that can be played at his funeral. Over the course of filming, the director uncovered the real reason and story behind his grand uncle's fondness for photography.


First Runner-up

Echo in the Valley

Ke Wan-ching
Taiwan / 2016 / 41 min
In Mandarin, Bunun, Pinayuanan and Rukai dialect with Chi & Eng Sub

In the late 1960s, Taiwan's aborigines flocked to the national forest land for a living. Working in the forest lands for long periods of time, the aborigines composed "forest songs" to give solace for their tired bodies and lost souls.


Second Runner-up


Ma Lin, Li Qian
China / 2018 / 54 min
In Putonghua with Chi & Eng Sub

Three people who lived in Shenzhen's Baishizhou - a mobster turned butcher, a romantically troubled young courier and a little girl with academic problems - all managed to live in harmony despite their cramped living space.




Yang Li-chou
Taiwan / 2017 / 95 min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Sub

After marrying into his wife's rich family, Taiwan's puppetry master Li Tien-lu let his eldest son take on the family name of his wife's family. When Li passed on his puppet troupe to his second son, his eldest son Chen Hsi-huang left in disappointment but he never gave up on puppetry. Today, Chen is a puppet master in his own right, yet he still feels he is living in the shadow of his father.


Second Runner-up


Shen Ko-shang
Taiwan / 2017 / 85min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Sub

Eight couples of different ages and backgrounds talk about their marriage in front of the camera. Their dialogues lay bare the marital conflicts which have otherwise gone unnoticed. The couples attempt to make amends and talk things out in front of the camera.


Second Runner-up

The Family in Sinkhole

Yao Zubiao
China / 2017 / 70 min
In Putonghua with Chi & Eng Sub

A vast crater in the mountains of Yunnan, once a village for lepers, is now home to dozens of ordinary households. Due to its unique landscape, it has become a tourist attraction in recent years. This became a source of conflict as the young generation sees this change as a business opportunity while the elders resist the change.