Ah Ying: The Extraordinary Ordinary

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Date Time Venue
9/5/2021 (Sun)   6:05pm   MOViE MOViE Cityplaza

Hsin Pei-Yi, Hung Wei-Lin
Taiwan / 2019 / 30min
In Mandarin with Chi & Eng Sub

Street hawker Chang Yueh-Ying began studying law after she was struck with a hit and run” charge that came out of nowhere. Since 2007 she has been engaged in a decade-long battle with the local court for a retrial, drafting and serving her own writs and court submissions, petitions for retrial”and“petitions for extraordinary appeal.

Director's Profile
Hsin Pei-Yi studied Documentary and Film Archiving at the Tainan National University of the Arts. Her works have been nominated in the Golden Harvest Awards, Women Make Waves Film Festival, and Hangzhou Asian Film Festival.

Hung Wei-Lin graduated from the National Central University, Taiwan in Chinese Literature, and from the ESEC (Graduate School of Film Studies), France. She is now a video artist and screenwriter.

Director's Note
For the past decade, Chang Yueh-Ying has been fighting and thrashing about and tussling and striving to reclaim her innocence. Her will is as intransigent as the flickering flame of the candle of her household shrine, leading her into places far beyond her social strata or previous life experiences. But her pursuit of absolute innocence did not stop after everything seemingly had come to an end. After being acquitted, she pressed charges against the policeman who handled her case, re-entering the realm of justice right away. Is it because she had not yet been fully exonerated? Or, is it because she has nowhere to go other than a life full of motions and judgments and laws? These questions, lingering in the air of her dim living room, are the source of the most intense inquiry of this film.


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