About Visible Record

Visible Record Limited, founded in 2004, is a non-profit organisation that advocates for the art and culture of documentary film. Other than producing and distributing films, it also organises film screenings, seminars, training courses, and many other programmes to nurture documentary film talents and enhance appreciation of the film form.

In 2008, Visible Record founded the annual Chinese Documentary Festival in Hong Kong. It is the world's first annual film festival to focus on Pan-Chinese documentaries and is an important exchange platform for Pan-Chinese documentaries. Chinese Documentary Festival has upgraded to Hong Kong International Documentary Festival from 2019.

Besides Chinese Documentary Festival, Visible Record holds different screening events, introducing outstanding films to public. For instance, Taiwan Short Film Screenings showed nine brilliant short dramas, exposing the audience to the creations of young Taiwanese directors. Moon Beam - Dating with Documentary showed documentaries of different themes and invited speakers to share their insights. Schools and Community Doc-tour selects outstanding documentaries for audiences in schools, cultural organisations, community and elderly centres. 

To nurture documentary filmmakers, Visible Record Academy organises different courses and workshops, including elementary and advanced level documentary filmmaking workshops, courses of film aesthetics, literature, sociology, philosophy, and current affairs. The aim is to widen the breadth of documentary filmmakers' knowledge.

Visible Record began to organise the annual Master Class Training Camp in 2013, inviting experienced directors and filmmakers from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan to be instructors, and provide intense training to young filmmakers. Most of the participants were able to improve quickly and produce short films within seven to eight days. These films had been screened at different venues, and received positive reviews. 

Additionally, Visible Record kick-started the Documentary Filmmaking Scheme for Elderly in 2014. It is a series of documentary filmmaking workshops designed for seniors, which aims at enriching the lives of seniors.

Visible Record also holds seminars, in which specialists, academics, artists, and filmmakers are invited to speak about their experience and insights. The themes of the speaker series varies, including film, photography, music, and the creative industry. 

Besides organising courses and events, Visible Record also rents filming and screening equipment, and provides filmmaking service. 



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