Hong Kong International Documentary Festival 2019 - Award Winners

Chinese Doc Competition, Shorts

Champion: Kisses and Hugs
Director: Chan Hao-Chung

First Runner-up: Gone with the Policy
Director: Chen Weixi, Andersen Xia

Second Runner-up: The Chief of Yancheng District
Director: Adiong Lu

Chinese Doc Competition, Features

Champion: Turning 18
Director: Ho Chao-ti

First Runner-up: The Reason Why I'm Home
Director: Chang Mingyu

Second Runner-up: 24th Street
Director: Pan Zhiqi

Second Runner-up: Dance Goes On
Director: Anothermountainman (Stanley Wong)

Hong Kong Award (Features)

Gone with Wind
Director: Fai Wan

Hong Kong Award (Shorts)

The Time of the Individual
Director: Kanas Liu

International Selection Critics’ Award

Champion: Love and Empty Words
Director: Malgorzata Imielska

First Runner-up: Women of the Gulag
Director: Marianna Yarovskaya

Second Runner-up: A Maculate Non-Conception
Director: Inna Denisova

Second Runner-up: The Fourth Kingdom
Director: Àlex Lora, Adán Aliaga